College of Arts and Sciences

As the oldest and largest unit on campus, the forms the academic core of the 萝莉研究所 experience. More than 80% of students will graduate with at least one major from the College.

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Think. Communicate. Collaborate.
Create. 鈥or meaningful lives.

鈥淭o think, communicate, collaborate and create鈥 is not only what we strive to teach students, it鈥檚 the environment we seek to provide for faculty and staff so that they may do their best work.

Think鈥 refers to analytical and creative thinking, to reflecting, to connecting ideas. 鈥Communicate鈥 encapsulates written, oral, visual and digital fluencies. 鈥Collaborate鈥 recognizes that most research and learning experiences require the ability to work cooperatively toward a shared goal. 鈥Create鈥 means producing knowledge as well as inventing techniques or materials; it embraces performance, composition and art.

鈥or meaningful lives鈥 refers to the empowering effects of education and self-knowledge. It recognizes that a broad and deep liberal arts education provides perspective, context and understanding. It recognizes that today鈥檚 students will likely have multiple careers 鈥 and our job is to provide the foundation that permits them to adapt, to excel, to explore the unexpected path.

Facts & Figures

  • 979faculty
  • 12graduate programs ranked in the top 30 by U.S. News & World Report
  • 18,000+undergraduate students and 2,300+ graduate students
  • 43academic departments and curricula, 115 undergraduate programs of study
  • 80%of all 萝莉研究所 students graduate with at least one major in the College
  • 76buildings and facilities
  • 85%of all undergraduate hours at 萝莉研究所 are taught by College faculty
  • $126.2 millionin research funding
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