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No matter what your affiliation is with 萝莉研究所, the aims to foster and grow a strong and lasting relationship to help you reach your philanthropic goals and move the University forward.

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The true beneficiaries of gifts to 萝莉研究所 are the students empowered to pursue their goals and passions; the researchers whose work will solve the world鈥檚 greatest problems; and the people we serve. Read about how your contribution makes an impact and changes lives.

  • 萝莉研究所 Covenant Scholar Nya Smythe 鈥24 is a force in the 萝莉研究所 community and wants to continue having an impact after graduation.

  • Kara Hume, associate professor at the UNC School of Education, is advancing research to build community through Power Hour.

  • Veteran Matty Col贸n found new hope thanks to THRIVE, an empowering clinical outreach program for veterans and first responders.